As I’m sitting here writing this piece, I’m sad to see that spring break is coming to an end. The past week has been wonderful and I honestly think that every college student feels the same way I do about the amazing things a week off can do for a human being. I’m relaxed and recharged. These are certainly two words that were not in my vocabulary a little over a week ago.

While home on break, I’ve spent some of my time going in and out of stores. Picking up cute looks for the spring and summer, I wanted to share all of the awesome deals I got!

South Moon Under

Our local South Moon Under is one of my favorite places to treat myself when I’m home from school. The quality of the pieces I get there is always phenomenal. Although it can be slightly pricey for the average college student, I personally think everything I’ve purchased there was well-worth the price tag.

Another thing I love about South Moon Under is that a lot of the stuff is clothing I’d see online but never purchase because of questions on sizing. I don’t know about you… but I hate having to order things online in a few different sizes only to return the ones that didn’t work. I’d much rather go into a store and try everything on, instead. South Moon Under provides me with this opportunity which I love!

1. English Factory Tassel Tee (NOW: $22.49 || ORIGINALLY: $54)

(NOW: $22.49 || ORIGINALLY: $54)

This shirt is so fun! Perfect for a spring/summer day or a casual Friday night dinner with friends, I can’t wait to rock this shirt with a simple pair ripped jeans

2. Dolce Cabo Faux Fur Long Vest

(NOW: $59.99 || ORIGINALLY: $118)

While most of the stuff I bought over break was geared for spring or summer, this vest was too amazing to give up. Here in NY, it’s unfortunately still pretty chilly. With a blizzard just a few days ago, this piece will certainly get some mileage before I have to put it away in my closet for the next few months. It is the softest vest I have ever tried on!

I always want to be honest with you guys, though. The only is that it sheds like crazy. I’ll probably carry around a lint roller in my purse or backpack whenever I wear it… but after pondering this small problem I decided it was well worth.

3. La Blanca Island Goddess One Piece Swimsuit

(NOW: $103.70 || ORIGINALLY: $122)

When I stopped by my local South Moon Under, they were having a 20% sale on all of their swimwear. This one piece was calling my name and when I tried it on it fit in all the right places. As someone who has always had a complicated relationship with swimwear, I was elated to find a swimsuit that was cute and actually made me feel my age.



4. Harper Mid-Rise Fray Hem White Jean Shorts

(NOW: $25 || ORIGINALLY: $38)

As someone who is getting antsy for the warm weather, I saw these white shorts today and jumped at the chance to try them on. If I buy spring and summer clothing, the warm weather will come faster… right?! That’s my logic for now at least! Super comfy and really cute, I figured I would be able to wear them a lot once the weather is nicer. From pairing them with a simple black tee to a navy long sleeve, there are endless options when it comes to putting outfits together with these shorts. A pair of solid white shorts is certainly a staple piece in many closets.

5. Rayna Classic Club Wood Sunglasses ($14)

Every few months, I love to get a new pair of “cheap” sunglasses that I can wear without being worried that I’ll scratch the lens or lose them along the way. Allow these sunglasses are currently $14 online, my local Franchesca’s was having a 2 for $20 promo that I just couldn’t pass up. Two pairs of sunglasses for $10 each… that’s unbelievable if you ask me! After trying on several pairs at Francesca’s, I decided upon these two pairs of sunglasses. I can’t wait to start wearing them ASAP.

6. Lucky Flat Lens Aviator Sunglasses  ($14)


I’m so excited to be able to rock all of these new pieces in the weeks to come. Spring Break 2017 is officially coming to a close but what a wonderful week it’s been.

I hope you enjoyed this haul! Please feel free to comment and reach out if you enjoyed this post.


My 5 Valentine’s Day Must-Haves!


As I’m sure many of you already know, Valentine’s Day is officially ONE WEEK AWAY! This means that whether you’re single or in a relationship, stores are gearing up in full force for the big day. From tons of heart-shaped goodies and love-themed items, you’re bound to enter a store over the next few days that is decked out with Valentine’s Day merriment.

Here in New York City, stores have been in the swing of things for a few weeks now. Between window-shopping and visits to some of my favorite stores, I’ve already found some Valentine’s Day items I just can’t live without.

Below are my 5 Valentine’s Day Must-Haves!

1. Sugarfina “Kiss Me” Sugar Lips

For anyone who has a sweet-tooth, these “Kiss Me” Sugar Lips gummies from the popular candy company, Sugarfina, are the perfect mix of sweet and sour. I recently stopped by their store in the Shops at Columbus Circle; grabbing a few items to get as a gift for a relative’s birthday and grabbing a few items for myself. After picking these out and trying a few, I am absolutely hooked! I will definitely be going back and getting some more.

Although I usually only buy one or two little boxes of candy as a sweet treat, they also have awesome options to make gift boxes with varying themes and colors. Certainly something to consider with Valentine’s Day coming up!

Image result for kiss me sugar lips
Sugarfina “Kiss Me” Sugar Lips ($7.50)

2. Mulberry and Grand Heart Shape Stacking Ring

Mulberry and Grand has easily become one of my favorite places to wander through here in NYC. From great jewelry to cute accessories, there is ALWAYS something I just have to have when I look at all they have to offer. I stumbled upon their kiosk in Bryant Park’s Winter Village this past December and it was only a few days ago that I noticed they also have a store in Turnstyle which is located right below The Shops at Columbus Circle.

This heart shape stacking ring is actually an item I bought back in December when I first happened upon their store. It’s an absolutely perfect addition, though, to any cute Valentine’s Day-themed outfit.

The ring comes in either plated in sterling silver or 24-K gold. I personally have the 24-K gold plated version of this ring, as I love the look of simple gold jewelry, but I can totally see buying myself the sterling silver plated version too. They’re both super cute!

For those who enjoy a sale or discount, as much as I do, you’re in luck! Mulberry and Grand is currently offering 25% off of their Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. (Hint: This ring is luckily on that guide!) They also offer 15% off of your purchase when you sign up for their e-mails. That’s a win-win, if you ask me!

Mulberry and Grand Heart Shape Stacking Ring ($18 per ring)

3. Papyrus Love Keychain

Cute keychains are always a plus in my book! I stumbled upon this ‘Love’ keychain in a local Papyrus store on the Upper East Side, over the weekend, and I am seriously in love with it… no pun intended! This simple gold keychain with the little gemstone is an awesome attention to any key ring; it’s just the right amount of sparkle and fabulosity for any fashionista!

Papyrus Love Keychain ($9.95)

4. Kate Spade Valentine’s Day Heart to Heart Socks

Although I’d love to say spring is officially here, I know that the weather outside is by no means spring weather. Since February is still a rather cold winter month in the Big Apple, I try to stay as warm and cozy as possible. In addition to my undeniable sweet tooth and my fondness for simple pieces of jewelry, I am quite the fan of fun socks to wear beneath a pair of riding boots or snow boots.

These Kate Spade socks come in three different patterns but are equally fashionable and stylish when it comes to rocking them for Valentine’s Day or any other day, in general. I love that you have three options with varying styles! This way you can mix it up and show your festive flair for more than just one or two days.

For those looking to save a little money, this is another great Valentine’s Day Must-Have. Similar to Mulberry and Grand, Kate Spade gives customers 15% off their purchase when they sign up for Kate Spade’s e-mails! There’s no denying that a discount is almost always a good thing.

Kate Spade Valentine’s Day Heart to Heart Socks ($24 for three pairs)

5. Dormify Stripe Heart Pillow

One of the fun things about Valentine’s Day is that you get to decorate your living space! In my case, this would be my apartment here in New York. My roommates and I love to decorate for the various holidays through the year and although we already have a few Valentine’s Day-themed items throughout our apartment, I am always looking for fun things to mix and add in.

While browsing around Dormify’s website, I came across this incredibly cute heart pillow! With two options of color schemes to choose from, I chose the light blue and white striped option as that the one that fits the best with the colors in our living room.

For those looking for a bargain, this item is certainly something you should consider buying. Already on sale from $50 to just $19, Dormify is also giving customers an additional 30% of all sale items with the code SALEONSALE. I honestly think this is one of the best bargains I’ve seen!

Dormify Stripe Heart Pillow ($19)

My Very First Post!

Happy Saturday! Hopefully you are enjoying this post-Thanksgiving holiday weekend and relaxing with the ones you love. Over the past few months, I have thought long and hard about my life: my dreams, my aspirations, and my passions. Sunshine & Sam has been created out of a strong love for all things creative and inspiring. I want this to be an outlet for not just me but for the countless individuals who I am sure are looking for a place of inspiration, creativity, and joy. 

As the next few months progress, I hope to make Sunshine & Sam everything I aspire it to be and more. This blog will be a platform of many mixed medias: videos, photos, blog posts, and much more. So please join me on this journey! I cannot wait to get to know all of you and take you along on this adventure. It’s sure to be a fun one!